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1001 Math difficulties offers workouts masking addition and subtraction via fractions, decimals, and possibilities, and directly to uncomplicated geometry and straight forward algebra.

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Truck #B-17 last had maintenance on its transmission at 12,398 miles. The mileage gauge now reads 22,003. How many more miles can the truck be driven before it must be brought in for transmission maintenance? a. 3,395 miles b. 4,395 miles c. 9,003 miles d. 9,605 miles 80. The city's bus system carries 1,200,000 people each day. How many people does the bus system carry each year? (1 year = 365 days) a. 3,288 people b. 32,880 people c. 43,800,000 people d. ) 81. How many inches are there in 4 feet?

140 hours 108. What is the best way to simplify the following sentence to make it easier to work with? Rachel had three apples and ate one. a. R = 3 - 1 b. 3 - 2 = R c. R = 2 d. 3R - 2 109. A uniform requires 4 square yards of cloth. To produce uniforms for 84,720 troops, how much cloth is required? a. 21,180 square yards b. 21,880 square yards c. 338,880 square yards d. 340,880 square yards Page 21 110. m. m. on August 4. How much time has elapsed between reports? a. 1 hour 37 minutes b. 2 hours 23 minutes c.

Three people: one weighing 210 pounds, one weighing 101 pounds, one weighing 298 pounds 98. Darlene was hired to teach 3 identical math courses, which entailed being present in the classroom 48 hours altogether. At $35 per class hour, how much did Darlene earn for teaching 1 course? a. $105 b. $560 c. $840 d. $1,680 99. Carmella and Mariah got summer jobs at the Dairy Queen and were supposed to work 15 hours per week each for 8 weeks. During that time, Mariah was ill for one week and Carmella took her shifts.

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