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By Phil Carradice

As 1942, the fourth 12 months of the battle, started, victory for the Allies was once nonetheless a ways off. German submarines have been sinking ships off the coast of the USA in what may turn into referred to as the ‘Second satisfied Time’ for the U-boat crews whereas Allied vessels have been falling sufferer to eastern plane and warships within the a ways East. Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen made their sprint during the Channel to German waters whereas within the Arctic the battleship Tirpitz and German plane and submarines menaced the convoys providing Russia. notwithstanding, convoys persisted to get via to provide beleaguered Malta regardless of heavy losses to submarines and plane, and within the Pacific the USA military inflicted defeats at the eastern on the key battles of the Coral Sea and halfway, battles within which the key vessels by no means really observed one another, scuffling with with carrier-borne plane as an alternative. Troops have been landed at the island of Guadalcanal and in North Africa. during this ebook, Phil Carradice makes use of many infrequently visible pictures to inform the tale of the second one global warfare at Sea in 1942.

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Formerly the German cargo vessel Cap Norte, she was captured by the Belfast on 9 October, taken into port and commissioned into the Merchant Marine. November On the first day of November, the pocket battleship Deutschland returned to port after a frustrating and fruitless cruise in the waters off Greenland and Iceland. Two weeks later, Adolf Hitler, conscious of the potential blow to morale should any vessel bearing Germany's name happen to be sunk, renamed the ship Lutzow. On I3 November, while escorting the minelayer Adventure, the destroyer Blanche struck a magnetic mine in the Thames Estuary.

Both cruisers were torpedoed, and were forced to limp back to base. The Leipzig took over a year to repair, and thereafter was relegated to training duties. Nurnberg was repaired in six months. Lt-Com. Bickford, the captain of the Salmon, was promoted and awarded the DSO for his actions during the hugely successful patrol. Since the start of hostilities, the German raider Graf Spee had been fighting a lonely commerce-raiding war under the command of Karl Langsdorff in the South Atlantic. No one knew where she would turn up next, but early in the month Commodore Henry Harwood, stationed at the Falkland Islands with a force of three cruisers, picked up a radio message from the freighter Doric Star.

Opposite top: As 1939 drew to a close, German U-boat attacks continued . Tragically, many merchant seamen lost their lives, not in the U-boa t attack but sitting in open lifeboats - sometimes for days on end - waiting for rescue. Unbelievably, the wages of these men were stopped immediately once their ships were sunk - hardly the most caring of attitudes from the shipowners. Opposite bottom: Convoys were the only way to protect the lumbering merchant ships that brought in vital food supplies to Britain.

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