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By Eran S. Kemp

"Born of Fire," is the namesake solid into Entite legend for the fellow who walks among the celebrities along with his wolf shadow pacing menacingly round his each step. recognized by means of such a lot because the 'Vasuman,' or 'Wolf,' the best of the sunshine harvesters is deceitfully framed for the main abhorrent crime in the void-realm. For a long time he has been respected by means of his relations as a mythical hero, the savior of sunshine, and seen by means of all as a celebrated shadow god. by surprise even though, he reveals himself without notice solid into the position of final villain, and needs to all at once conjure forth each drop of crafty he possesses in a single ultimate contest which could bring about his personal destruction. the realm of better beings quickly learns the reality in the back of a few of their maximum mysteries together with the real identification of 1 in their personal variety. the genuine deceiver crosses paths with the wolf, and just one will continue to exist the harmful street to redemption as 3 worlds cling within the stability. Earth, Nepenthe, and the area of the nice shadow cats face whole annihilation except a unmarried big name, Volstaire, may be repaired. As time races to a serious level, the wolf of legend fights opposed to not just an outraged race of super-beings, yet is set to confront the best risk the void-realm has ever recognized. For the 1st time in his lifestyles, he borders his personal verge of collapse. the best problem ever witnessed in the realm of godlike beings is set to happen.

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He will remain there until the rest of the party manages to open the cage. Several characters can fit in the cage if necessary. Thought 10 is the . -- magic word to open the cage. If the entire party ends up in the prison, it teleports to Zagyg where the party remains at the service of the demi-god for ld10 years. They are then returned to the world of Greyhawk. Once the captive(s) break free, the prison teleports back to the plane of Zagyg. There is a 35% chance each of those larger spheres contains a creature, such as: -one -one -3-12 -one -one -one brain mole intellect devourer cerebral parasites thought eater ustilagor obliviax Any such occupant must first be defeated before the thought in the sphere can be understood.

If THE CRYSTAL PRISM they are not picked up within one round, they vanish. Each is worth 50,000 gp, so in all there are 350,000 gp worth of gems in the crystal. As the jewels are taken, or disappear, one of two things will happen: If the amethyst was selected, the party will be instantly transported from the prism to the great Hall of Magic in Tenser’s castle. They are safe, all is well. They must turn the artifact over to the Arch-Mage, but the balance of their gain remains their own. If there is resistance to delivery of the artifact to Tenser, then they must combat the solar and six astral devas, plus the pair of planetars currently at the fortress awaiting the safe return of the artifact!

Victims hit by a small sphere must immediately save vs. spell or be affected as described below. ) D6 Roll Temporary Insanity 1 Hatred: save each round or attack nearest creature. 2 Love: save each round or remain fascinated (as with Comeliness) by closest creature. 3 Humor: save each round or keep on laughing and making puns. 4 Sadness: save each round or keep on crying and lamenting. 5 Curiosity: save each round or try to catch the next sphere of any size that comes close (roll under Dexterity).

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