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By Helen Hunt Jackson

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This quantity info the an important bankruptcy within the heritage of the Indian Wars. The Seminole of Florida have been one of many greatest tribes of local american citizens dwelling in peace with settlers. They traded with the americans, the English and the Spanish, lived in cabins, planted plants and raised livestock. even though, by way of 1815, frontier americans had grown more and more resentful in their relative wealth and land, and green with envy in their harboring of former slaves.

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The outside of the Earth during the last million years offers proof of the incidence of eighteen ice a while every one lasting a few hundred thousand years. among them there have been brief sessions of warming, which lasted not more than twelve thousand years. these have been the days whilst new existence cycles may commence.

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They were a noble-spirited but gentle people; much under the control of the arrogant and all-powerful Iroquois, who had put upon them the degradation of being called “women,” and being forced to make war or give up land at the pleasure of their masters. During William Penn’s humane administration of the affairs of Pennsylvania, the Delawares were his most devoted friends. They called him Mignon, or Elder Brother. “From his first arrival in their country,” says Heckewelder, “a friendship was formed between them, which was to last as long as the sun should shine, and the rivers flow with water.

It is a principle of universal jurisprudence that a compact cannot be rescinded by one party only, if the other party does not consent to rescind it, and does no act to destroy it. ” It is also said, with unanswerable irrelevancy, by some who seek to defend or palliate the United States Government’s continuous violation of its treaties with the Indians, that it was, in the first place, absurd to make treaties with them at all, to consider them’ in any sense as treaty-making powers or nations.

The history of the United States Government’s repeated violations of faith with the Indians thus convicts us, as a nation, not only of having outraged the principles of justice, which are the basis of international law; and of having laid ourselves open to the accusation of both cruelty and perfidy; but of having made ourselves liable to all punishments which follow upon such sins—to arbitrary punishment at the hands of any civilized nation who might see fit to call us to account, and to that more certain natural punishment wlich, sooner or later, as surely comes from evil-doing as harvests come from sown seed.

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