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By Cahn S., Nadgorny B.

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A advisor to Physics difficulties is a two-volume set of difficulties taken from Ph.D. qualifying assessments. half 2 - the significant other to half 1: Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics (Plenum 1994) - gains 182 demanding issues of specific options, textbook references, transparent illustrations, and an easy-to-use format.

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Initially the piston is fixed, and the gas has volume and temperature Next, the piston is released, and after several oscillations comes to a stop. Disregarding friction and the heat capacity of the piston and cylinder, find the temperature and volume of the gas at equilibrium. 24 15 Spring Cylinder (Moscow Phys-Tech) One part of a cylinder is filled with one mole of a monatomic ideal gas at a pressure of 1 atm and temperature of 300 K. A massless piston separates the gas from the other section of the cylinder which is evacuated but has a spring at equilibrium extension attached to it and to the opposite wall of the cylinder.

The surface area of the thermos walls The volume between the walls is pumped down to atm pressure (at room temperature). The emissivity of the walls and the thermal capacity of water Disregarding the heat leakage through the stopper, estimate the a) Net power transfer b) Time for the tea to cool from 90°C to 70°C. 10 Heat Loss (Moscow Phys-Tech) An immersion heater of power W is used to heat water in a bowl. After 2 minutes, the temperature increases from to 90°C. The heater is then switched off for an additional minute, and the temperature drops by Estimate the mass of the water in the bowl.

B) For thermodynamic equilibrium compute the entropy per atom S/N as a function of E / N. , are already open. ) a) Find the partition function. and show that for low b) Find the average number of open links temperatures is independent of N. 47 Hanging Chain (Boston) The upper end of a hanging chain is fixed while the lower end is attached to a mass M. The (massless) links of the chain are ellipses with major axes and minor axes and can place themselves only with either the major axis or the minor axis vertical.

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