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By Sofia Samatar

ISBN-10: 1931520771

ISBN-13: 9781931520775

Jevick, the pepper merchant’s son, has been raised on tales of Olondria, a far off land the place books are as universal as they're infrequent in his home—but which his mom calls the Ghost nation. while his father dies and Jevick takes his position at the every year promoting journey to Olondria, Jevick’s existence is as with regards to ideal as he can think. simply as he revels in Olondria’s Rabelaisian banquet of Birds, he's pulled tremendously off target and turns into haunted via the ghost of an illiterate younger girl.

In desperation, Jevick seeks assistance from Olondrian clergymen and fast turns into a pawn within the fight among the empire’s strongest cults. whilst the rustic simmers at the cusp of warfare, he needs to face his ghost and research her tale ahead of he has any probability of liberating himself by means of environment her unfastened: a tribulation that demanding situations his knowing of artwork and lifestyles, domestic and exile, and the bounds of that the majority seductive of necromancies, reading.

A Stranger in Olondria is a wealthy, immersive myth that circles round and clear of and again to the transportation of analyzing and the way rules will be carried faraway from their origins in whatever as simple as a publication.

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