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By Finn Bengtsson, Peter B. F. Bergqvist (auth.), Vicente Felipo, Santiago Grisolía (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461377242

ISBN-13: 9781461377245

ISBN-10: 1461559456

ISBN-13: 9781461559450

Mind Tryptophan Perturbation in Hepatic Encephalopathy: Implications for results through Neuropsychoactive medicines in medical perform; F.Bengtsson, et al. Hepatic Encephalopathy in Acute Liver Failure: function of the Glutamate method; A. Michalak, et al. Glutamate and Muscarinic Receptors within the Molecular Mechanisms of Acute Ammonia Toxicity and of Its Prevention; M.D. Miñana, et al. stories at the Pharmacological houses of Oxindole (2-Hydroxyindole) and 5-Hydroxyindole: Are They serious about Hepatic Encephalopathy?; F.Moroni, et al. The Involvement of Ammonia with the Mechanisms That increase GABA-ergic Neurotransmission in Hepatic Failure; E.A. Jones,A.S. Basile. Direct Enhancement of GABA-ergic Neurotransmission through Ammonia; J.-H. Ha, et al. The Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptor and Neurosteroids in Hepatic Encephalopathy; M.D. Norenberg, et al. Ornithine Aminotransferase as a healing aim in Hyperammonemias; N. Seiler. Sparse-Fur (spf) Mouse as a version of Hyperammonemia: changes within the Neurotransmitter platforms; I.A. Qureshi, K.V.R. Rao. irregular Gene Expression inflicting Hyperammonemia in Carnitine-Deficient Juvenile Visceral Steatosis (JVS) Mice; T. Saheki, et al. 7 extra Articles. Index.

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60: 527-535. , 1983, The regulation of 5-hydroxytryptamine release from superfused synaptosomes by 5-hydroxytryptamine and its immediate precursors. Neurochem. Res. 8: 723-730. , 1991, Intracellular pH rises and astrocytes swell after portacaval anastomosis in rats. Regulatory Intergrative Compo Physiol. 30: RI491-RI496. C. , 1992, Effect of ammonium ions on synaptic transmission in the mammalian central nervous system. Prog. Neurol. 39: 135-153. , 1971, 5-Hydroxytryptophol: evidence for its having physiological properties.

247: 4165-4173. , 1980, Effects of 5-hydroxytryptophol, a 5-hydroxytryptamine metabolite, on isolated cerebral arteries of the dog. Br. J. PharnUlc. 68: 17-18. , 1980, Analysis of reduced forms of biopterin in biological tissues and fluids. Anal. Biochem. 102: 176-188. , 1990, Serotonin uptake and serotonin uptake inhibition. Y. Acad. Sci. 600: 68-78. , 1971, DL-5-hydroxytryptophan-induced changes in central monoamine neurons after peripheral decarboxylase inhibition. J. Pharnl. Pharmacol. 23: 420-424.

1989). On the other hand, there is substantial evidence to suggest that ammonia-related mechanisms may result in alterations of glutamatergic neurotransmission in acute liver failure. , 1992a,b) as well as in thioacetamide-induced acute liver failure in the same animal species (Figure 1). , 1992b). 01). , 1994). A significant loss of brain glutamate was evident even at early stages of encephalopathy in acute liver failure. Glutamate concentrations are also reduced in autopsied brain tissue from patients who died in acute liver failure (Record et at.

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Advances in Cirrhosis, Hyperammonemia, and Hepatic Encephalopathy by Finn Bengtsson, Peter B. F. Bergqvist (auth.), Vicente Felipo, Santiago Grisolía (eds.)

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